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Update Informations 20-01

- - - -  English Post - - - -
> Update Details 20-01:
- Chaos Icicle PK Map Added
Details: # map-time
- Adjustment In Balance Between Classes Added
Details: # balance-Features
- Newbie Key ID Changed
NOTE: If you are a newbie with less than 5 days on the server, contact a GM or HD to receive another Key.
- Voyagers Unlocked on Farm Maps (DW-FC-DS)
- Conch Skill Locked on Farm Maps (DW-FC-DS)
- New Year Event Postponed until next Sunday. (BR Time)
- Abaddon HP Bosses Augmented
- DS-FC-DW HP Mobs Enhanced

NOTE: Colored Necklaces Apparel and also new Kylin Apparels will be added only tomorrow at the Item Mall.

- - - -  PT BR Post - - - -
> Detalhes Da Atualização 20-01:
- Chaos Icicle PK Map Adicionado
Detalhes: #map-time
- Reajuste No Equilibrio Entre As Classes Adicionado
Detalhes: #balance-Features
- Newbie Key ID Alterado
OBS: Se voce for um novato com menos de 5 dias no servidor, entre em contato com um GM ou HD para receber outra Key.
- Voyagers Desbloqueados em Farm Maps(DW-FC-DS)
- Conch Skill Bloqueada em Farm Maps(DW-FC-DS)
- New Year Event Adiado até o proximo Domingo.(BR Time)
- Abaddon HP Bosses Aumentado
- DS-FC-DW Mobs HP Aumentado