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Update Informations 09-11

-> Update Details 29-10 English <-
- Added BD Gems/Gr8 Gems Lv8
- Heal Effect Stone Exchange Added (2227,2736)
(NOTE: The Stone Effect is only activated in the 6th slot)
- Added Gold-Online (100-200K of Gold Every 2-3 Minutes)
NOTE: Does not work on Stalls.
- Voyagers Blocked In Dark Swamp/Forsaken City/Demonic World
(Reason: Auto Farm with Skills)
- Voyager HP / Defense increased by 10%
- Buffed Rear Pets (#dev)
- Chaos Icicle Fixed Rewards

-> Detalhes Da Atualização 29-10 Pt-Br <-
- BD Gems/Gr8 Gems Lv8 Adicionadas
- Heal Effect Stone Exchange Adicionada(2227,2736)
(OBS: O Efeito da stone só é ativado no 6º slot)
- Gold-Online Adicionado(100-200K de Gold A Cada 2-3 Minutos)
OBS: Não funciona em Stalls.
- Voyagers Bloqueados Em Dark Swamp/Forsaken City/Demonic World
(Motivo: Auto Farm com Skills)
- Voyager HP/Defesa Aumentada 10%
- Rear Pets Buffados(#dev)
- Chaos Icicle Recompensas Corrigidas