Server Status: Online

Update Informations 28-03

-> Update Details 28-03: <-
- Boss Knowledge NPC Time Fixed
- Guild Limit 12 Added
NOTE: The guilds have been reset.
- Newbie Key ID Changed
NOTE: Please contact a GM only if you are a new player to receive another Key.
- Revival Skill Disabled In PvP Arenas 1-3
- New Map Added: Battle Royale (Details: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- NPC Vouchers Edited (2236,2708)
- VIP Set/Weapon Stone Added (2191.2762)
- Balance Classes Adjusted (Details: #🔧-balance-features) (Discord Channel)
- Demonic World 3 Added (Details: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- PK Vouchers Stack Increased to 499x (Novice, Standard, Expert)
- DW-FC-DS Mobs Gold Increased: 4M/4.5M
- PvP Bar 1vs1 / MvsM Enabled
- Newbie Island Mobs Reduced Time (Details: #⏳-server-time-maps)
- Spirit Of Darkness Pet Snorting (-55 PR Reduction / -1350 Reduction Defense)
- Schedule of changed maps (Details: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- Winner Luck Pack Random Added (Details: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
NOTE: When opening a pack you have a chance to win everything in the game, examples: frags, gems, winners, rare cards, gold, upgrade stones, pets, cloaks upgrades, IMPs, AWC Points, and other things.
- BD / Kylin Mobs Drops Changed (Expert Chaos Voucher Drop Added: 15%)
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-> Detalhes Da Atualização 28-03: <-
- Boss Knowledge NPC Horario Corrigido
- Guild Limit 12 Adicionado
OBS: As guildas foram resetadas.
- Newbie Key ID Alterado
OBS: Entre em contato com um GM apenas se voce for um novo jogador para receber outra Key.
- Revival Skill Desativado Em PvP Arenas 1-3
- Novo Mapa Adicionado: Battle Royale(Detalhes: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- Vouchers NPC Editado (2236,2708)
- VIP Set/Weapon Stone Adicionado (2191,2762)
- Equilibrio Das Classes Ajustado(Detalhes: #🔧-balance-features) (Discord Channel)
- Demonic World 3 Adicionado(Detalhes: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- PK Vouchers Stack Aumentado Para 499x(Novice,Standard,Expert) (Discord Channel)
- DW-FC-DS Mobs Gold Aumentado: 4M/4.5M
- PvP Bar 1vs1/MvsM Habilitado
- Newbie Island Mobs Horario Reduzido(Detalhes: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- Spirit Of Darkness Pet Bufado (-55 PR Redução / -1350 Defesa Redução)
- Horario dos mapas alterados(Detalhes: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
- Winner Luck Pack Random Adicionado(Detalhes: #⏳-server-time-maps) (Discord Channel)
OBS: Ao abrir um esse pack voce tem chance de ganhar tudo aquilo que há no jogo, exemplos: frags, gems, winners, rare cards, gold, upgrade stones, pets, cloaks upgrades, IMPs, AWC Points entre outras coisas.
- BD/Kylin Mobs Drops Alterados (Expert Chaos Voucher Drop Adicionado: 15%)